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What We Do

Deep Gill

Founder and CEO

He has an extensive track record of building and operating successful technology and technology related services companies. He has the vision to design and develop custom technologies and technology-enabled services geared toward the federal and commercial sectors. He has served in executive roles and been played a key roles in introducing various cyber security solutions for the past 25 years.


Dr. Anne Stahl Ph.D.

Data Scientist

She is bringing extensive expertise in public policy with her PhD and a notable tenure as a Special Assistant at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Her deep understanding of healthcare data and policy enriches InfoStatica’s capabilities in delivering advanced data analytics solutions. Dr. Stahl's work is pivotal in transforming complex data into actionable insights, driving forward our commitment to innovation and excellence.


Madhu Rajamani

Chief Technology Officer

brings over 25 years of experience in digital transformation, IT management, and technology leadership, including a significant tenure as the Executive Vice President at diacriTech. With advanced degrees in Computer Science and Computer Technology from Iowa State University and Mangalore University, respectively, his expertise in IT infrastructure enhancement, cloud security, data transformation, CRM systems, and leadership in technology sets a strong foundation for his role at InfoStatica. Madhu's strategic vision focuses on integrating innovative IT solutions in health data analytics, optimizing technology infrastructure for healthcare data processing, and embodying InfoStatica’s commitment to actionable health data insights. His previous leadership role at diacriTech and his forward-thinking approach at InfoStatica ensure the company remains a leader at the intersection of IT and healthcare analytics, driving transformative solutions for our clients.


Felicia Sych

Policy Lead

her expertise lies at the intersection of law, technology, and health data. Her academic background includes graduating cum laude from American University and serving as a Senior Editor for the American University Law Review. In her role at InfoStatica, Felicia focuses on developing policies that ensure the ethical management and protection of health information. Her work is instrumental in addressing the complex regulatory challenges surrounding health data, emphasizing the importance of balancing technological advancements with legal and ethical considerations. Felicia's leadership and expertise make her a key figure in shaping the landscape of health information policy.

We provide Management Consulting services, Survey Design and Administration Services, Health policy Consulting and Data analysis Services amongst others. Contact us today to find out more.
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