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InfoStatica Inc: Government Contract Services

At InfoStatica Inc, we recognize the transformative power of data in guiding government decisions, policy formulations, and improving public services. As a small woman owned business company specializing in government contracts, we've made it our mission to provide comprehensive data management, research services, survey execution, IT solutions, and legal and policy consultation that enhance operational efficiency, drive insightful policymaking, and ensure the usability of various platforms.

Analyzing Data

Our Data Management Expertise Services

Data forms the bedrock of any insightful decision-making process, especially in the ever-evolving realm of public administration. We specialize in:


Ensuring that data is systematically organized, making it accessible and usable for stakeholders. By creating a robust data catalog, we facilitate seamless data discovery and management.


Structuring data in a manner that aligns with government objectives and program outcomes. Our team ensures data integrity, consistency, and optimal storage solutions.


Before data can be analyzed, it needs to be cleaned, transformed, and enriched. Our experts ensure that all data sets are primed for meaningful analysis, eliminating inaccuracies and redundancies


Understanding the efficacy of a program is essential for its continued success and potential replication. Our in-depth program evaluations are designed to assess the effectiveness of government initiatives, identify areas of improvement, and recommend evidence-based strategies for enhancement.


We offer comprehensive IT services, including software development, network management, cybersecurity, and technology consulting. Our expertise ensures robust and secure technological infrastructure, essential for the efficient and safe operation of government digital assets.


Our legal and policy consultation services provide expert guidance in regulatory compliance, policy formulation, and legal analysis. We assist in navigating complex legal frameworks and policy landscapes, ensuring that government initiatives are both effective and compliant with prevailing laws and regulations.


Our team is equipped to conduct a wide range of research studies and surveys tailored to government needs. From understanding public sentiment and evaluating policy success to studying the implications of potential future initiatives, our insights form a solid foundation for government decision-making. Our survey services specialize in garnering critical feedback and data, crucial for informed policy and program development.


In the digital age, the user experience can make or break a platform's success. We conduct thorough usability studies to evaluate the user-friendliness of various government digital assets, be it websites, apps, or software. These insights drive recommendations for design improvements, ensuring platforms are intuitive and meet user expectations.

We provide Management Consulting services, Survey Design and Administration Services, Health policy Consulting and Data analysis Services amongst others. Contact us today to find out more.
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